Watch Dogs - A Risky Bid, Iraq, IDs, weapons, crane, short-cut

Our must-read guide to surviving the intense firefights of this explosive Watch Dogs mission. Read on if you want to make it out alive.

After you've completed the easy opening section, there are some tough fights to be battled through in A Risky Bid. We'll show you how to survive the gunfights you can't avoid, and sneak quietly around the ones you can.

A Risky Bid

- Follow the guide

- Follow the guide (again)

- Locate Iraq

- Scan Iraq's ID tags

When you get to the mission starting waypoint, simply follow the guide. Don't worry about the hackable object in the ceiling - it's not necessary for completing the mission. Complete the mini-game when you reach the next waypoint.

Carry on along the hallway to catch up with the guide, then go downstairs. When you come to the next set of stairs on the other side of the room, head over towards Iraq. This will trigger a cut-scene, and you'll need to be ready to scan the ID tags as soon as you're instructed to do so.

Escape unseen

When the next cut-scene ends, you need to get out of Dodge before anyone spots you. Get into cover straight away, and then head down into the basement. You won't have too many guards to worry about, so just get down there as quickly as you can and take cover. Wait for the patrolling guard to pass you by, then run around the corner and wait until the guard near the waypoint turns around. Get up behind him and knock him out.

There's a ladder nearby. Climb up it, and then get into cover once more before heading through the gate when the guard turns around. Kill him, then carry on down the corridor until the next guard along turns around as well. When he moves off, go to the other side of the room, behind the forklift truck and the boat, and head upstairs.


Use cameras to dart from one hack to the next.

Retrieve your weapons

Escape the area

Grab the bag from the table in front of you, the hack the camera on your left. Unlock the door using the hacking point that's directly in front of you. Go through the door you've just opened, and keep heading in the direction of the next waypoint on your mini-map. Get ready to hack the explosive panel mid-way through the next cut-scene.

Jump over the wood and then hack the panel on the other side of the room. Watch out for the pair of armed balcony guards. Get behind the wood for cover, then pick off the guards when the opportunity presents itself.

Go through the gate in the direction of your next mission marker, but be ready to take on a large pack of shooters. Investigate all of the cameras in this area, and use every environmental hack you can to bring down as many of the enemies as possible. Stay in cover as you pick off any stragglers, then head over to your next waypoint and ascend the ramp.

As soon as you get to the top, drop down onto the section below, where more enemies are waiting for you. Again, make use of the cameras and environmental traps to finish as many of your opponents as you can. If you move over to the western side of this area and head upstairs, you'll not only gain some height advantage, but also dodge one-on-one fights with many of the remaining guards.

Go in to the next building, then use the crane to get over to the other side without having to tackle too many enemies. This does mean that you'll miss out on grabbing some crafting supplies, but it's not really worth the bother given the risk involved.

Pass through the next set of doors you come to, then use the explosive panels on the floor to kill the next pack of guards. Now jump into a nearby car and speed well away from the area to finish this mission.

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