Watch Dogs - Stare into the Abyss, Crispin, Crispin's phone, frag grenade, Infinite 92

We'll show you the best way of pinning down Crispin, getting into his phone, and then fleeing the scene of this explosive crime.

If you don't take Crispin out in one shot, you'll have to chase him down and take another crack at the assassination. Our guide should ensure you take him out with a bang - just be ready to run when his friends come looking for you.

Stare into the Abyss

- Hack the ctOS box to find Crispin

Make your way towards the mission marker. The building you're directed to is guarded, but you should have no problem gaining access to the hacking point without coming a cropper. You've only got 15 seconds to reach the timed point, but you should be pretty adept at solving these puzzles by this point. Once you've finished hacking, you'll be able to click on the final point to gain access to the camera.

- Eliminate Crispin

Use all of the cameras positioned around the building to get a feel for where the guards are waiting. You won't be able to get hold of Crispin without taking out any of these guards, and if you give Crispin even the slightest opportunity to get away, he'll do so.

First of all, head to the southern side of this area, and open up the pair of doors that are right by your target. Be very gentle when you open them - do it too quickly and you'll attract the attention of the guards. When the doors are open, craft yourself a frag grenade and a handful of IEDs.

Get into cover, and then chuck the frag grenade inside the room. Throw the IED too, but don't detonate it until Crispin steps out of his own cover. When he's on top of the IED, detonate it. If this assassination doesn't finish him off, you're going to need to grab a car and chase him across town. Time it right though and he'll be taken out in one big bang.

- Hack Crispin's phone to obtain data

However you managed to kill Crispin, the important thing is that you hack his phone when he's down on the ground. As soon as you've done so, get ready to run - his friends won't be impressed, and they'll be after your blood. Once you've lost them, you'll be able to move on to the next set of mission objectives.

- Go to the private lounge, Infinite 92

- Follow the host

- Leave Infinite 92

Get to the next mission checkpoint, then head downstairs as directed. As soon as you get inside, just follow the host as you make your way to the next waypoint. After a couple of cut-scenes you'll be able to finish up this mission by walking towards the final mission marker.

You can find the rest of our Watch Dogs mission guide from the first page of this article.

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