Watch Dogs - Mad Mile ctOS Control Center, ctOS hack, attract guards

Everything you need to know about unlocking the Mad Mile ctOS Control Center, without attracting the attention of the guards.

It's time to hack a new Control Center if you want to continue the single-player campaign. Here's what you need to do to infiltrate the base, find the hacking point, and get out of sight before the authorities can catch up with you.

Mad Mile ctOS Control Center

- Locate a guard with the access code

- Download access code

Just as you had to in earlier ctOS Control Center missions, the first order of business is to get your hands on the access code. Head towards the north-eastern section of the ctOS area, and then look for the hacking point that's right by a pizzeria. This will open up a gate. Go through it, then get into cover quickly.

The guard you can see on your left has the access code you need, so hack him quickly. He patrols around the zone a little, so if you don't see him just wait a little while and he'll eventually turn up.

- Hack the ctOS server

- Leave the area

Get away from your current location and make your way to the southern part of the zone. Make sure you stick to the building though, otherwise you run the risk of leaving the mission area. If that happens, you'll have to start again from you last save.

If you look just to the left of the southern gate, you should be able to spot a blue coloured lift. Use it to get up onto the roof, and then use the cameras carried by each guard, as well as the stationary cameras, to get a feel for the location of every single enemy.

As soon as you have a clear opening, jump back down onto the level below you, and wait in cover until it's safe for you to carry on towards the next mission marker. This can take as long as a minute, so don't lose your nerve and head out too early! There's one guard that doesn't move at all and stays right by the waypoint, but if you stick to the wall he won't spot you.

When you get to the mission marker, finish the hacking mini-game to access the camera, then use it to hack the unlock point that's right in front of you. Your next job is to leave the scene of the crime quickly. Look for an 'Attract' option, and get into position between it and the hacking point. Use Attract, then bop the guard over the head when he comes over to investigate. All you have to do now is avoid the guards that lie between you and the exit, then leave the white circle on the mini-map to end the mission.

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