Watch Dogs - Breadcrumbs, briefcase, boat, access marina, patrols

How to track the briefcase from person to person, keep up with the boat, then infiltrate the base to get your hands on the goodies inside.

You'll need to act quickly to stay on top of the briefcase as it journeys from pillar to post. We've got a helpful tip that will get you through the early part of the mission, then we'll show you how to track the object into the base - and pinch it from beneath the guards' noses.


- Track the auction briefcase and watch for hand-offs

- Follow the briefcase unseen

First things first, you need to spot the thug taking the briefcase, then follow it as it moves from one person to another. To make this process a little easier for yourself, go back upstairs and watch the briefcase being moved from above. More importantly, there's much less chance of you being spotted if you hide up here.

- Tail the boat carrying the briefcase

- Locate the briefcase unseen

As soon as your target reaches the pier, jump down and get up close. When the final hand-off occurs, you'll be able to jump onto a nearby motorbike, and track the passage of the boat from the road.

When the boat reaches its final destination, you'll have to locate where exactly the briefcase is without being spotted. First of all, turn the platform around so you can get across to the building. You don't have to be right next to the briefcase to tick off the objective, but you are going to have to track it down in the next part of the mission.

- Infiltrate the marina to get the briefcase

- Escape the marina

Make you way over to the platform on the far left. Now go to the end of it and swim towards the ladder that leads towards the garage door. This will leave you located on the northern side of the building.

Three guards - one patrolling, two stationary - are waiting for you on the eastern side. Hack the camera that's just above the guards to track them all. When the moment's right, head upstairs and just wait until the patrol has moved towards the south. As soon as he moves off, get in closer towards the briefcase.

Stop when you reach a pile of wood, and get over on the north side of the pile to hide from the guard when he comes wandering back. When he gets close to you, leap out and take him down quickly. You can shoot him without alerting the other guards if you have a silencer attached, but otherwise perform a melee takedown. When the remaining guards are looking the other way, run in and grab the briefcase quickly when the new guard patrols away from your immediate vicinity.

All you have to do now is interact with the briefcase and get out of Dodge. To leave the mission area, simply head back the way you came, and make sure you move beyond the whiter perimeter marked on your mini-map.

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