Watch Dogs - Uninvited, blackmail, Sienna Brick Factory, place IEDs, find Bedbug

Our quick and easy guide for getting this mission off to an explosive start, before you track down Bedbug and uncover the source of blackmail.

You'll get a taste for clever use of IEDs in Watch Dogs' Uninvited mission. We'll show you exactly where to place them for maximum effect, then track down Bedbug without being spotted.


Destroy the truck with IEDs

Open up your weapon wheel and then choose the IED option. Once it's selected, take a step back and fling it at the van. Now detonate the explosive charge. Just don't hang about, as the police have a habit of investigating city explosions!

- Reach the Sienna Brick Factory

- Find security footage to plan your attack

- Prepare an ambush against the Viceroy hitmen

Grab a car and then make your way to the next objective on your map - the factory. When you get there, hack open the gate and then access the PC marked by a waypoint. You've only got a limited amount of time to prepare your ambush at this point.

First things first, grab the IEDs that are by the computer, then look at the floor for cigarette ends and car tracks. These marks indicate guard positions, so drop your IEDs in the relevant spots, lift up the shutters and protectors, then get into cover while you wait for the enemies to arrive.

- Viceroys incoming. Find a good vantage point

- Eliminate all of Iraq's crew

Two cars will pull up before long. As soon as they've parked up, detonate your IEDs - time this right and you should take both vehicles out cleanly. Kill any of the remaining hitmen from your position of safety, but just be aware that they'll approach from both sides. You should be fine, just as long as you timed your explosions well.

- Hack the phone to intercept the call

- Take down the fleeing Viceroy

- Reach Bedbug's location

- Follow Bedbug undetected

- Call Bedbug

- Hack the terminal to display Bedbug's terminal

Quickly hack into the phone that's in the centre of this area, then run outside and grab a vehicle so you can chase after the final Viceroy. As soon as you've dropped him to the ground, get to Bedbug's location. Jump out of your car and trail him into the park, but make sure you use all of the cover opportunities so he doesn't spot you. Get your phone and get ready to call Bedbug. When it's over, inch closer to the terminal and hack it to finish up this mission.

You can find the rest of our Watch Dogs game guide from the index page of this walkthrough.

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