Watch Dogs - Not a Job for Tyrone, Bedbug, tracker, protect Rabbit, escape

Our guide will help you trail Bedbug unnoticed, then protect Rabbit by leading him through the danger zone without taking so much as a scratch.

In this tricky Act 2 mission, you'll have to trail Bedbug through some deadly territory without being noticed. Finally, you'll have to help your new contact Rabbit escape without being spotted by the guards or the gang members littering this area. We'll show you how to complete both objectives quickly and easily.

Not a Job for Tyrone

- Find access to Bedbug's home

- Install tracker on Bedbug's phone

Hack the camera that's near the roof of Bedbug's home, then look all the way over to the right until you can see a hacking point. Hack into the router to begin another mini-game. Once you've finished, you'll be able to point a camera right at Bedbug, and get a tracker installed on his phone.

- Follow Bedbug to get blackmail. Remain unseen.

Next, you need to follow Bedbug without alerting him to your presence. Follow him as he walks to his car, but make sure you keep a little distance between the two of you. As soon as he enters the vehicle, grab the nearest car and tail him closely, but not too closely. When he approaches gang territory (marked in red on your mini-map), stop following him and instead head to the right. Travel around the gang area, then carry on following him when he exits the zone.

As soon as the car comes to a stop and Bedbug steps out, he'll enter another dangerous gang area. Trail him on foot, but be aware that you'll have to restart if you're spotted, or you get too far away from your target. Eventually he'll stop to chat next to a van. When he moves off, dart into the cover of this van, then hide between the wooden structure and the dumpster.

Once Bedbug gets on the move once more, cross to the other side of the street, keeping a close eye out for the gangster in this new area. Wait until the gang member is looking the other way, then dart in and find some cover. From here, keep trailing Bedbug as he moves, taking cover when necessary, and moving only when the gang members aren't looking in your direction. Stop when you reach the cover of a tree near the point where Bedbug exits the area.

- Use cameras to follow Bedbug

Time for a little more camera work. Begin by hacking into the camera that's behind you and just by a patrolling gang member. Look up and switch to the next camera along, then keep looking up until you're looped into the camera on a building that's right by Bedbug. Now listen in on his conversation.


You'll make more enemies than friends in this particular sandbox.

- Help Rabbit escape

- Call Rabbit

- Guide Rabbit safely through the Viceroys

- Leave the area

As soon as Bedbug points the gun at Rabbit, hack the device that's next to the pair of them. This will give Rabbit the opportunity to make his escape. Track Rabbit using the camera, then hack into his phone so you can start talking to him. Ignore the warnings you get about the gang members, and stay focused on Rabbit. As long as you're far enough to the right of the tree when you took cover, they won't be able to spot you.

You've now got two options. If you like, you can let Rabbit get caught, then hack into his phone for the information you need. Alternatively, you can tell Rabbit to leave the area without being spotted. If you want to keep him safe, just watch out for the patrolling guards. Wait until the one nearest to Rabbit starts moving off, then tell him to get over to the pile of palettes by the rubbish crate. Change over to the camera on your left, then tell Rabbit to move into position behind the palettes that are by a guard.

When the guard starts moving, get Rabbit to stand where the guard was previously, then change over to the camera that's located just above the red truck. Move Rabbit into position on the other side of this vehicle.

You should now be able to see one more guard standing at the end of the road. Try to distract him if you can, otherwise just wait for him to turn around. As soon as he does, change over to the camera that's just right of the guard, then move Rabbit behind the white structure that's to the left of the truck.

Now switch over to the camera on Rabbit's left, and direct him into a position by the palettes near the guard. Switch to the camera at Rabbit's new location, then direct him around the palettes when the guard goes off to investigate. Once you've done this, Rabbit can take care of himself. All you need to do to finish this final objective is leave the mission area.

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