Watch Dogs - Grandma's Bulldog, Rossi-Fremont, Damien's IP address, laptop camera

We'll show you how to navigate through this area's cameras to track down the information you need, and grab every audio file while you're here.

There's some fiddly camera-work to undertake in Watch Dogs' next mission, but if you follow our guide from the beginning you should have no trouble leaping from camera to camera, bagging all the information you need as you go.

Grandma's Bulldog

- Connect remotely to Rossi-Fremont

- Track the source of Damien's IP address

Get to the waypoint, head into the hideout, and then access the PC in the centre of the room. Hack into the camera ahead of you to start a new hacking mini-game, but be aware that you're racing against the clock this time around.

Once you've got control of the camera, look to your left to grab an audio file. Now hack into the lift that's right ahead of you to open up the doors. Hack the camera inside the lift, look up and to the left, then hack the lift itself to send it up to the next floor. As soon as the doors open, access the camera directly ahead of your viewpoint.

Look up and over to your left and switch over to the highest camera you can see. Next, switch to the camera on the person patrolling the hall. When they reach the corner, you can hack the wall panel to begin another hacking game.

When you've finished, use your new camera to look up, before switching over to the camera on the other side of the room. You should now be able to switch your view upwards to hack into a laptop, followed by the camera next to the laptop. Look up to switch to the new camera, grab the audio log on your right, then hack into the laptop camera to your right. Hack the laptop itself, followed by the camera in the hall.

Look over to the left, and hack the next camera in the hall, then look right to switch to the next one. From here, you'll be able to spot the hacking panel which you need to tap into. Complete the hacking game when you're plugged in.

Once you've got control of the next camera, look up to get a new audio log, then switch to the camera near it. Look up and switch to the camera located in the centre of the wall. Change once more to the far-left camera, then look left and switch to the next one along.

Look right and hack the camera on the person in the hall. As soon as he enters the next room, hack the laptop's camera. When he leaves, switch to the camera right in front of you. Finally, look left to jump to a new camera, trigger a cut-scene, and ultimately finish the mission.

From cameras to guards, we'll help you get to grips with hacking in Watch Dogs.

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