Watch Dogs - Jury-Rigged, security terminals, ctOS Tower, sniper, patrols

Our guide will get you through this mission without being spotted by the snipers, or the patrolling guards as you seek the security terminals.

It's very easy to come a cropper with the snipers in this sneaky mission. Follow our guide to tracking down each security terminal without attracting the attention of the aggressive guards populating this zone.


- Disable all three security terminals

- The gate is open, unlock the ctOS Tower

- Leave the area

When you get to the objective marker, you're going to have to sneak into the area and shut down the handful of terminals marked on your map. You've also got a pair of snipers to worry about - one to the south and one to the east. The best approach is to head through the most northern gate on the west-side of the area. Just wait for the patrolling guard to move out of the way, then dart in and take down his stationary friend.

Make your way to the most northern terminal on your map first. Wait until the guards split up, and take them down quickly while they can't alert each other. Kill the one standing still first, then finish off the patrolling guard when he wanders back. As soon as you've dealt with the pair of them, hack the terminal, then leave the vicinity and head back to the outskirts of the area.

You should now approach the second of the west-side gates. There are no guards to deal with here, but be aware that you need to take cover as soon as you pass through to the other side. Two guards are waiting for you there - one's a sniper on the roof ahead of you, while the other walks a patrol. As soon as the patrolling guard moves away, and the laser sight of the sniper is pointing to the left, run as quickly as you can towards the cover on your right.

Keep making your way towards the terminal, but be careful as there are two guards up ahead, as well as a sniper further along. Wait until the laser sight is focused away from you and the patrolling guard has moved off. Dart it and kill the stationary guard as quickly as you can.

Take cover until the patrolling guard comes back, then take him down when he finds the body - again, watch out for that laser scope while you're doing this. When both of the nearby guards are dead, use the security terminal whenever the sniper's looking the other way.

There's one more terminal to deal with, and it's very easy to tick off the list. Just hug the wall of the building to the east and you'll avoid the attentions of the sniper and the regular guards. Sidle up to the remaining terminal and hack it to finish your objectives.

To complete the mission, simply make your way to the next waypoint on your map, grab the audio file when you arrive, then hack the terminal. When you're done, go through the gate to your south and leave the yellow section of the map to wrap this mission up.

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