Watch Dogs - The Wards ctOS Control Center, access code, forklift, hacking game

We've got an essential guide to unlocking the second ctOS Control Centre in Watch Dogs without being busted by the guards.

You'll need to get sneaky to unlock the second of Watch Dogs' ctOS Control Centers. Our guide will show you how to get the access code you need, and unlock the site without attracting the attention of the guards.

The Wards ctOS Control Center

- Locate a guard with the access code

- Download access code

- Hack the ctOS server

- Kill all the ctOS guards or escape the area

Make your way to the gate that's located on the southern side of this ctOS site. Hack the camera just above the gate, then angle over to your left so you can switch to the next camera along. Now look up and over to your left until you see a guard. He's got the access code you need, so start hacking it.

If you open the gate, the nearby guard will come over to investigate. As soon as he's far enough away from the other guards, dart in and take him down. Now enter the lift and get up onto the roof. Head towards your next objective marker, then lift the two protectors to create some cover for yourself. Use the camera on your right to hack the forklift and divert the attention of the guards.

Run to the truck near the map marker, then jump down to the next waypoint while the guards are distracted. From here, tap into the hacking waypoint and finish the hacking mini-game. Be ready to run as soon as you've finished, as the guards will be alerted to your presence. Run in a south-westerly direction, then leap over the fence and grab a car. Keep driving until you've breached the perimeter of the white circle surrounding you on your mini-map.

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