Watch Dogs - A Blank Spot There-ish, generators, access buildings, power controls

We've got a simple guide to activating all three generators in A Blank Spot There-ish, and picking up some very useful loot along the way.

This somewhat fiddly mission can be a bit of a pain to navigate. We'll show you how to hack each environment successfully, and power up all three generators nice and easily. We'll also point out some useful items that you should grab before finishing the mission.

A Blank Spot There-ish

- Reach the bunker island

- Power up the generators to restore the bunker

First things first, hack the bridge so that it's rotated. Once you've headed over it you'll need to power up three generators. Begin with the one that's marked on the far right of your map. If you're keen to pick up audio logs while you play through the game, grab the one in front of the building when you arrive.

To gain entry, look for the lift on the building's north-east side. Lower it down, get onto it, then raise it back up. As soon as it's at its highest reach, climb to your left to get on a ladder, then use the ladder to get up onto the roof.

Climb the next ladder in front of you, then go over to the right-hand side of the fenced area. Hack the camera on your left, then hack into the second camera just over on your right. Use the hacking point on your left to open up the gate. Pass through the gate, then detonate the tanks in front of you so you can travel along the ramp to your right.

Head into the fenced-off area when you reach the bottom of the ramp, and look for the generator activation device. Switch it on, then get back down onto street-level using the lift.

Now make your way south-east until you get to the next nearest waypoint. Another audio log can be found by lowering the carrier on the east side of the building. Get a second one by looking down the alley that's just to the right of the carrier.


Watch Dogs' hacking mini-game isn't quite as exciting as hacking the city itself.

Make your way along the north side of the river until you're just to the east of the objective marker. Open the garage door to your right, then clamber down into the water and head through the garage door.

Get into the boat, and then leave the garage and head left. Stop when you get close to the dock, then use the front of the boat to climb up onto the dock itself. All you have to do now is head into the fenced-off area to your left, and activate the second generator.

Time to activate the third and final generator. Go to the waypoint marker and then head into the north-west section of the yard. Open the gate, then hack into the camera located just above it. Look up and over to your right before hacking the carrier to bring it down and unveil the next camera.

Hack it, then look up and to the left so you can switch to the next camera along. Look up, then access the carrier once more to lift it up. You can now unlock a door using the panel hidden behind the carrier.

As soon as you've passed through this door, get up onto the green carrier over to your right, just ahead of a camera. Move from where you are until you're on the crane-controlled carrier. Now hack the crane to get things moving. Jump down and pass through the green carrier, then enter the fenced-off area using the door to your left. Just inside this area is the third and final switch for getting the generators going.

- Enter the bunker

- Search for the power controls

- Power up the bunker

Make your way to the next map marker, then open up the carrier door. Once it's been moved, open the door once more. Now go downstairs and hack into the laptop marked on your mini-map. You'll also find some Jam COMS behind the laptop. Grab them, then go upstairs to get to the next objective. Grab the handful of Jam COMs from the desk, then turn on the bunker power to finish up the mission.

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