Watch Dogs - One Foot in the Grave, find Tobias, bridge access, poker, catch Tobias

Our mission guide will show you how to track down Tobias before the Fixers can finish him, then put a stop to his show-stopping escape plans.

It's very important that you don't kill Tobias at the conclusion of Watch Dogs' One Foot in the Grave mission, but it can be very tricky to keep up with him when he attempts to escape. We've got a tip or two that will help you catch up with Tobias and take him down quickly.

One Foot in the Grave

- Search for bridge access

- Follow Clara

- Profile the homeless for clues

- Hack the caller

Pull out your Profiler and then look over to your left until you see a hacking station - a metal box - by one of the poles. Head over to the right-hand side of this hacking station, do your tinkering with it, then start following Clara. Eventually, you'll find out that your target isn't anywhere near, so use your Profiler on the homeless people who are dotted around the area. Now make your way over to the left-hand side of the building you were at with Clara, locate the person using their phone, and hack the conversation.

- Kill the Fixer before he reaches Tobias

- Kill the Fixer's backup or escape

The next part of the mission begins with a Fixer fleeing in a vehicle. Find a car of your own as quickly as possible, as you must tail him as he heads towards his destination. If you get too close to him, he'll call in backup, but you'll have to finish him sooner or later. When you've done so, either kill his friends or flee the scene.

- Reach the poker game

- Join the game and draw out Tobias

Travel to the next objective marker on your map to get involved with the poker game. When you arrive, go around to the back of the house and then head downstairs. Go up to the table and start the game - note that you'll need $200 in your back-pocket before you can join in.

- Catch Tobias. Do not kill him

After your first hand of poker is over, Tobias will try to escape. You must catch up with him, but do not kill him when you manage to do so. The longer this chase goes on, the tougher it will get, as he fires more shots at you and will hack the environment itself to make your life even more difficult.

Fortunately, you can run much faster than Tobias, but make sure you pass through gates rather than leaping over fences - this will slow you down a lot. As soon as you get close enough to him, deliver a takedown without having your gun equipped. This will not only finish the mission, but also grant you access to Tobias shop, where you can buy crafted tools.

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