Watch Dogs - Collateral, defend Clara, explosive traps, escape the motel

Don't miss our guide to surviving the deadly ambushes in Watch Dogs' Collateral mission. We'll help you escape to safety with a bang.

Collateral isn't a particularly long mission, but you will need your wits about you if you're to survive the handful of fights that are coming your way. We'll show you how to blast through the worst of these threats before picking off the stragglers with your pistol.


- Defend Clara from the attackers

Let the cut-scene play out until the second explosive device detonates. When Clara's assaulted from behind, shoot the attacker quickly. Now follow Clara as she heads outside, then get into cover as soon as you have the opportunity to do so. You can't proceed further in this mission until you've killed all of the nearby enemies in the parking area and the hallway in front of you.

The good news is that Clara can take care of herself, so don't worry about protecting her. She'll stay in cover for the most part, and shouldn't take too much damage - as long as you don't hang around when it comes to dispatching the enemies, that is. Use the camera in this parking area to trigger the various explosive plates dotted about the place, then finish off the remaining enemies with gunfire.

- Escort Clara to her car

- Escape the motel area

As soon as you've killed the last enemy, Clara will start moving forward. Unfortunately, an ambush appears as she does so, leaving you to handle yet another gun fight. When every last assailant is dead, run around to the side of the building and jump into Clara's car. When you're both inside, you'll come under attack once again. Get clear of the white circle that surrounds you on the mini-map and you'll wrap up this mission.

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