Watch Dogs - Breakable Things, Racine's office, clues, armoured guards, IED

How to prepare to invade Racine's office, finish off every guard without taking a scratch yourself, and eliminate your target with ease.

There are plenty of those heavily armoured guards to deal with in Breakable Things, so follow our guide to sneak around the objectives, and set some devilish traps that will eliminate the threat quickly and cleanly.

Breakable Things

- Find the access code to Racine's office

Head to the gate and then hack the camera located just above it. Angle the camera upwards until you see the next camera along, then switch over to it and angle towards a final camera by the garage entrance. Make a note of this camera location - you're going to need it when it comes to dealing with the armoured guard later on.

For now, angle the camera right over to the left so you can listen to the audio file in the next room along, then switch over to the next camera you can see in this room.

Use this new camera to look up and over to the right, switch to the next camera along, then hack the camera that's located above you and to the left. You can now see two final cameras above you - hack the highest one, then angle it around until you find the person carrying the code you need.

- Search Racine's office for clues on Nicky

Now you've got the access code in hand, just wait until the nearby guard finishes his patrol, then dart through the gate and get into cover behind the van ahead of you. When the guard comes back, take him down, then hack into the camera above you. Now switch over to the camera by the armoured guard that we mentioned earlier on.

Wait until this tough guy has moved over to the explosive panel, then trigger it to bring him down. This will alert a pack of guards, but fortunately there are plenty more explosive traps to make use of. If there are any stragglers who avoid the worst of the explosions, hack the camera above you, then trigger the car alarm to divert the remaining guards. As soon as they get near, move them near the exploding panel with the forklift, then hack the panel. Job done!

Now all of the guards outside have been dealt with, you need to head towards the building where you took out the armoured guard. There's a ctOS device outside which you should grab, along with an IED that's on the table in the first room you come to. Head up the corner stairs, then hack the box when you get to the top. Pass through the door you've just opened, then hack the next PC to finish up this objective.

- Hack Racine's phone

- Take down the target

The person in front of you is using their phone. Hack it to hear what's being discussed, then quickly take them down as soon as the conversation ends. As soon as you leave this room you'll be attacked by another one of those armoured guards, so quickly hack the junction box near him. Now run as fast as you can downstairs and jump in one of the nearby cars. Open up your map, put a marker on the target car, then catch up and kill them. Mission complete.

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