Watch Dogs - Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center, sniper, sniper rifle, ctOS server

We've got one very simple trick for dealing with the guards in the Brandon Docks ctOS Control Centre mission of Watch Dogs.

In the second mission of Watch Dogs second act, you'll have to infiltrate a ctOS control centre and hack the server located within it. There's a very simple trick you can make use of if you want to kill every guard quickly and cleanly - read on to find out how to beat this mission in style.

Brandon Docks ctOS Control Center

- Buy some crafting components

As soon as you get to the first mission waypoint, go inside the shop and buy enough crafting components to make every item available in your weapon wheel. Once you've grabbed all of the items you need, head to the next objective marker which is all the way over on the side of town.

- Locate a guard with the access code

- Download the access code

Open up the gate leading to the facility and then hack into the camera on your left. Move the camera's point of view up and over to the left until you see the next camera. Switch over to this new camera and then look up and to the right to switch over to the camera situated on the right-hand side of the ctOS building (ignore the camera on the left).

Position this wall-fixed camera to the left until you see a new camera. Switch once again, then look down and to the left to find the guard you're looking for. Simply hack him to get your hands on the access code you need.

Hack the ctOS server

Your next task is to make it into the ctOS building so you can hack the server. Open up the gate, then head to the left until you can see a garage door. Open the door remotely, wait for the guard to wander over and investigate, then sneak up behind him and knock him out.

Now go inside the garage and head upstairs so you can kill the sniper lurking around at the top. This shouldn't be tricky to do as he has his back turned to you. Get into cover behind the desk by the guard, then peer out of the window where you'll spy a camera.

The best way to handle the enemies between your location and the ctOS building is to shoot them. Grab the guard's sniper rifle, move back a little way from the window so you can't be seen, then simply snipe down as many of the guards as you can.

The guards you don't manage to pick off will start swarming on top of you. Make your way into the centre of the room, somewhere between the stairs and the moose's head. This should make your life pretty easy, as you can pick off the stragglers when they enter the building and begin moving towards you. If a couple of suspicious guards don't get drawn in to your trap, simply pick them off with the sniper rifle at your leisure.

Once all of the guards are dead, go back downstairs and leave via the door on your left. Head across this area, and then use the stairs on your far left to get inside the ctOS building. Hack into the system here to start the hacking mini-game once more - once you've finished it, you'll get access to a new camera.

You can use this device to access the nearby hacking point and watch a few videos, but if you just want to finish up the mission, look straight ahead and tap into the hacking point on your left to finish things up.

You can find the rest of our Watch Dogs mission guide from the first page of this article.

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