Watch Dogs - Hold On, Kiddo, Jackson, station, train hack, Fixer fight, L-train

Follow our guide to pulling off a master hack at the train station, before dealing with both waves of the Fixers gunning for your blood.

You'll have to work quickly to get to the station and pull off some fast hacks in the first mission of Watch Dogs' second act. Here's a quick guide to completing the mission with ease.

Hold On, Kiddo - Finding Jackson

- Meet Damien at the plaza

- Reach Nicky's house

- Get to the train station where Jackson is located

- Hack the train undetected to get Jackson away safely

As soon as you get to the starting point of this mission, you'll be sent to Nicky's house. Once you get there, you'll have to sit through another cut-scene before heading to the train station to get Jackson. When you arrive at the station, run quickly towards the train and hack the middle camera. Now direct the camera to look out of the window where you'll see two hacking points. Hack both of them to get the train moving.

- Take down the Fixers before they reach Jackson

- Eliminate the remaining Fixers

- Board the L-Train and find Jackson

Once the train gets going, head to your car and then travel to the next objective marker on your map. First, you need to deal with the two Fixers chasing after Jackson. Once you've finished with them, you'll have to deal with the back-up they call in.

The simplest way to do this is to park up in an area with only one entry point, hide behind your car, and then take shots from this position of relative safety. Once these final Fixers are dead, head to the L-train which you'll find by following the next marker on your map. Simply board the train to finish up this mission.

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