Watch Dogs - Dressed in Peels, Raul Lionzo, gun, escape, access network, Focus Boost

Our essential guide to sneaking your way through the prison, finding Raul Lionzo, and making it back to the city streets in one piece.

The conclusion to Watch Dogs' first act is the first really meaty mission you'll get stuck into. From escaping your cell, to locating Raul and getting out of dodge, we'll show you how to complete every last objective without getting busted.

Dressed in Peels

- Escape your cell

The mission starts with a cut-scene. As soon as it ends, take a look out of your cell via the little window in the door. Hack the camera that's just ahead of you, then move from camera to camera until you're in the control room. You can now hack the prison system to flee your cell.

- Locate the survivor

There are - unsurprisingly - a lot of guards patrolling the prison, and it's important you do everything you can to avoid being detected. You can always use takedowns if you must, but it's much better to be stealthy. Try to remain in cover as you sneak from one marker to the next, but just remember that the guards will take a few moments to clock who you are when you're spotted. If the red triangle appears, you've attracted the attention of a guard. Get back into cover quickly though, and the guard won't be able to identify you.

Leave the cell and head left until you come to some stairs. Walk down then, then go into the office that's ahead of you and to your left. When you get inside, grab the item that's on the desk to finish up this objective.

- Access the network to view the exercise yard

Keep an eye out for patrolling guards as you leave the office and head to the right of the stairs. Go around the outer wall, then unlock the room ahead of you as you head around the corner. As soon as you reach your destination, slip into the cover offered by the pillar, then hack the guard cameras until you're locked onto the guard patrolling the hall. He'll eventually enter a room that gives you the opportunity to hack the main prison system. Complete the hacking mini-game to finish up this objective.


Focus on using stealth, rather than brute force, in the first act's concluding mission.

- Find the stadium survivor: Raul Lionzo

- Get to the survivor in the basement

Using the camera you've unlocked, look over to your left and hack into the next camera. You should now be able to see Lionzo, who's sitting next to a wall. You now need to hack into the camera of the guard in the room ahead. Wait until he's on the far side of the room, then hack the guard in the server room to the left. Now hack the device on the left-hand side of this room to open up the main door.

Once the door's unlocked you've got a couple of options. First, you can perform a takedown on the guard when he turns around, leave the room, and then head down the corridor. When the guard in the other room turns around, simply walk into the lift.

Alternatively, you can remain in cover and then dart for freedom. Wait at the junction until both guards are looking elsewhere, then run as fast as you can into the lift. Get the timing right here and you'll be able to get out of sight and into the lift before they can clock who you are.

As soon as you're in the lift, hack the controls to get down to the basement. Leave the lift and then go into the next room along. Grab the gun, then hack the panel to gain control of the camera in the next room. Take control of the camera on the left-hand wall, then look to the right until you see another hacking point.

Exit the room, and then go into the new room on your right. Grab the Focus Boost from the desk, then head through the door and into a new corridor. There's a pair of doors on your right, but be aware that when you pass through them you'll have to deal with a whole room full of guards - and they'll see you the moment you step inside.

- Take out the corrupt guards

As soon as you enter the room, get into cover behind the laundry bin just in front of you. When each guard gets close enough, shoot them with the gun you grabbed a moment ago. Once you've killed all of the regular guards, an armoured guard will show up. When he starts to approach you, leg it into the room on your right, and keep running all the way to the end of it.

Do a 180 when you reach the end and note the explosive panel on your right. When the armoured guard steps inside this room and gets near the panel, hack it to blow him up. Another pair of guards will enter the room at this point - just wait for them to get into shooting range, and then finish them both off with your gun.

- Confront the survivor

- Exit the prison

- Escape the Police

Enter the room over in the far corner, grab the electrical parts that are near the entrance, then hack open the door in front of you to start a new cut-scene. When it's finished, go downstairs, head through the door, the go left to get your care package.

Go all the way along the corridor and then enter the room on your right. Take the Jam COMS from the table, as well as the audio log that's to the left of it. Look out of the window in this room to unlock the door, then go outside. Run as fast as you can to the car on your right and get inside it.

Go down the garage ramps as quickly as possible until you're on street level, then use everything you've got to escape the attention of the police. When you've lost the lot of them, you'll automatically finish up the mission.

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