Watch Dogs - A Wrench In The Works, Angelo Tucci, Profiler, niece, car chase

We'll show you the right way to make it through Not The Pizza Guy, avoid every guard, then flee from the scene before the Fixers can finish you.

It's not too tricky to track down Angelo Tucci's niece, but you might need a little bit of help with the hunt for Tucci himself. We'll show you how to finish this mission off in style, whether you prefer to slip into the shadows or go out with a bang.

A Wrench in the Works

- Use the Profiler to find Angelo Tucci's niece

- Hack the niece's phone

- Hack the niece's phone (again)

When you arrive at the mission starting point, head towards the massive glass building. As you approach it, you'll be given a little more information about your target, until eventually you discover she's inside. Enter the building and then hack the niece's phone a couple of times to get the location of your target.

- Kill Angelo Tucci before he reaches the prison

- Eliminate Angelo Tucci before he escapes

- Kill Angel's allies or escape

Your target - Angelo Tucci - is in a vehicle and on his way to prison. Your job is to intercept his journey and kill him before he can make it there. Look for his vehicle on your map, then add a GPS marker to it. Get in a car, find him, and get just close enough that you can either forcefully stop his journey, or hack the environment to disable the vehicle. Note that you'll need to have unlocked certain hacking skills if you want to take the latter approach

The good news is that you shouldn't have too much trouble killing him. The bad news is that all of his buddies will be gunning for you immediately afterwards. As soon as you've killed Tucci, shoot his friends or run like blazes to get away from them. You'll find it much easier to leg it, but if you fancy a firefight then by all means get stuck in. As soon as you've escaped the scene you'll automatically complete the mission.

You can find the rest of our Watch Dogs game guide from the index page of this walkthrough.

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