Watch Dogs - Not The Pizza Guy, explosive panel, avoid Fixers

Don't miss our guide to accessing the railyard without getting busted, findin the boss, then fleeing the scene before the Fixers can finish you.

A little bit of stealth is all that's needed to make it safely through this next mission, and we'll explain exactly how to dart around every single guard. Once you've finished up your objectives, we'll show you how to escape from the Fixers without taking so much as a scratch.

Not the Pizza Guy

- Climb to meet Jordi on the patio deck

As soon as you arrive at your objective marker, you'll trigger a new cinematic which sends you off towards another location to begin the mission proper. When you arrive at your new location, go forwards and then climb up the planter. Now head up the side of the building to get onto the patio area.

- Infiltrate the railyard

- Interrogate the Fixer Boss

Go back down to the street, head over the bridge, and then make your way to the located gate that leads to the railyard. Have a look through this gate to gain access to the camera. Now hack the crane in the centre of the yard to eliminate a pair of guards.

There's a new camera over to your right. Access it, then look up and over to your right to take control of a new camera. Make a mental note of the guard who's patrolling this building - you'll need to know where he is as you make greater progress through the yard. Now use the camera to look left and then down to find the hacking spot that opens up the door.

Make your way back downstairs, and wait for that patrolling guard to move far away from you. Move briskly over to the nearby lift, get inside it, and then use it to get up onto the second floor. Jump over the railing, then carry on down the far side. As soon as the guard looks away from you, dart in and take him down.

If you look in the yard below you'll be able to see a single patrolling guard. There's an explosive panel on the floor, so just wait for the guard to wander over before detonating it. This will bring more guards over, but you can drop down and head to your waypoint marker while they're distracted. As soon as you pass through the door you'll start a new cut-scene.

Kill all of the Fixers or escape

Once the cut-scene's finished, carry on through the door but be aware there are a lot of gunmen waiting for you on the other side. Get into cover behind the forklift straight away, and just wait for the enemies to get close to you. As soon as you're hit once, run as quickly as you can back towards the stairs you descended when you entered the yard area. Jump into a car and speed off to evade the Fixers and finish up this mission.

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