Watch Dogs - Thanks For The Tip, signal location, ctOS box, phone hack, Fixers

Our guide to tracking and hacking both ctOS boxes, hacking the target phone, and escaping the scene before you're filled full of holes.

There are a couple of ways you can dodge the armed assault that's coming your way in Thanks For The Tip. Whether you prefer to hide in plain sight until the threat has passed, or go out all guns blazing, we'll walk you right through the process of finishing off this mission.

Thanks For The Tip

- Reach the mystery caller's signal source

- Pinpoint the signal's location

- Find and activate the ctOS boxes

Start the next mission, then go through the alley ahead of you and into the next area. If you need to get hold of a few crafting supplies, there's a lift on your right. Lower it, get on top of it, raise it up, then climb up onto the platform to get some electronic parts.

Now head upstairs to reach your waypoint. As soon as you get there, open your Profiler to nail down the location. You now need to locate a pair of ctOS boxes. If you hack into the camera over on the far right, then move it up and over to the right, you should be able to unlock the balcony.

Head back downstairs and then go into the alley that's up ahead of you and to the right. Bring the lift to your left down, grab the chemical component that's by it, then look up to find another camera. Access it, then look up to spot another unlock. Hack it to finish this objective.

- Access the building network to reach the signal source.

Go back upstairs and hack the box to start another hacking mini-game. Once you've completed it, you'll be able to move on to the next set of objectives.

- Investigate the apartment

- Hack the phone

- Kill all fixers or escape

- Follow the traced call to Damien

You should now be in control of a camera. Hack the next camera on your right, then the phone that's right ahead of you. This will draw attention to yourself, however, so get ready to either leave the area completely, hide until the search is finished, or simply kill everyone who's after your blood.

The cameras you have access to can be used to to trigger explosive plates on the floor, as well as exploding terminals in the walls. Lift the protector on your right if you want to take cover, then finish off any enemies who come upstairs or come towards your location. You should have enough explosive devices to see off all these threats until the search ends.

If you prefer, you can blow everything up to clear the stairs, then leg it quickly down the alley. This is much riskier than the method outlined above, and you can easily get picked off if you're not very careful. Try the first method first.

However you choose to clear the area, you next need to grab a car and make your way to the waypoint marker on your map. When you arrive, jump out of the car and go upstairs to finish up the mission and trigger a new cut-scene.

From cameras to guards, we'll help you get to grips with hacking in Watch Dogs.

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