War Thunder imminently adding PC-PS4 cross-platform play

Plus: PS4 Ground Forces expansion arriving 5th June.

War Thunder will imminently allow PS4 players to play against those on PC, meaning potentially millions more people to fight. Apparently more than 7 million people have played War Thunder (total), the majority, I expect, on PC.


If only.

The update enabling cross-platform play will arrive in "the immediate future", according to a press release. Creator Gaijin claims it will be the first PS4 game to offer it, but doesn't Final Fantasy 14 already do so?

Gaijin also announced a 5th June release date for the Ground Forces expansion pack on PS4. Ground Forces does what it says on the tin - adds ground forces to the fray. It has nothing to do with the garden-makeover TV show Ground Force, which starred chirpy plant lover Alan Titchmarsh - but wouldn't it be great if it did?

War Thunder is a free-to-play MMO game set in World War 2, where tanks and planes and boats really don't get on.

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