Video: Let's Replay Spy Hunter

"Spies Like Us has a lot to answer for."

This week Ellie Gibson and Chris Donlan roll up the sleeves of their pastel-coloured blazers to play eighties classic Spy Hunter. Cars, guns, helicopters, trees - this game's got it all.

Fun Fact #1: Spy Hunter features in a 1984 episode of Murder, She Wrote titled 'Hit, Run and Homicide'. Jessica solves the crime after logging a new high score down the arcade.

Fun Fact #2: There was recently a discussion on Twitter about whether Ellie Gibson looks a bit like Angela Lansbury. This depressed her greatly, as people used to tell her she looked a bit like Susan Sarandon, before she turned 35.

Fun Fact #3: Except her husband, who once said she looks like "a white Bill Cosby." True story.

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