Rockstar looks set to add Grand Theft Auto 5 jetpacks

Could they really land in the game?

Grand Theft Auto 5 may soon host jetpacks for the first time, according to a new string of code recently added to the game.


Eagle-eyed modder Chr0m3 x MoDz discovered reference to the gadget had been added in GTA5's recent 1.12 update.

The code also suggests you'll be able to wield a gun while in the air, similar to when you're using a parachute.

Jetpacks were available back in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and this recent discovery is not the first hint we've had that the aerial transport may be on the way.

A drawing that fans have suggested depicted a jetpack - as well as aliens - was spotted within GTA5's world soon after the game was released. No one has yet been able to fully decipher its meaning, but it appears to point to pictures of UFOs dotted around the game's huge Mt. Chiliad region.

The truth, it seems, may finally soon be out there.

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