GTA 5 - cheats and essential money-making tips (Xbox 360, PS3)

Eurogamer's guide to all the cheat codes available in GTA 5, along with some essential tips for playing the game's stock markets.

Rockstar has a long-standing tradition of including plenty of cheat codes in its Grand Theft Auto games, and GTA 5 is no exception. Some alter the physics of the game, others can be used to spawn rare vehicles, while the most useful of all confer a distinct advantage upon whichever character you're playing with - more guns, more ammo, invincibility and so on. Perfect for when you want to get stuck into a guilty rampage or two, in other words.

A word of caution before you use any of the codes featured in this guide, however. The moment you activate any of these cheats, you'll lose the ability to make any progress towards either Achievements or Trophies, depending on the console you're playing the game on.

If you're not fussed at all about picking up points, these codes won't just liven up the game a little, they can also help you beat some of the trickier missions. If you just want to mess around with the system before getting stuck back into the game proper, make sure you save first, finish off whatever mayhem tickles your fancy, and then reload your old save point to continue.


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GTA 5 cheats for cars, bikes and other vehicles
First up in our run-down of all the cheat codes in GTA 5 are those that can be used to spawn vehicles. Whether you've found yourself with a pressing need for a helicopter, or just want to amuse yourself by participating in a few golf buggy drive-bys, we've got all the known vehicle codes for the game.

GTA 5 cheats for weapons and characters
Next up are those handy cheats that directly affect the character you're playing. From temporary invincibility, to the kind of slow-motion aiming powers that will make any mission an absolute doddle, these codes can also liven up your sandbox slaughter sessions no end. We've even got a collection of codes that give your weapons and ammo just a little more oomph, too.

GTA 5 cheats for weather and the world
Once you've tweaked the character you're playing, you can even make a few adjustments to the behaviour of the world itself - the weather, the strength of gravity, and so on. These aren't so much useful as they are amusing for the chaos that inevitably ensues.

GTA 5 stock market guide
Gameplay cheat codes are one thing, but you're also going to need to get your hands on a decent wedge of cash to unlock the best properties and business the game has to offer - more so than in any other GTA game. Fortunately, GTA 5 comes with not one but two stock markets into which you can plough your - ahem - hard-earned money. We've got an essential guide for how to make a handful of investments that are guaranteed to give you a massive pay-out during the single-player story, along with some general tips for playing the markets in a section that's all about making the big bucks.


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