Dark Souls 2 - gestures, guide, locations, list, how to

We've tracked down every single gesture you can unlock in Dark Souls 2. Follow our guide and you'll be emoting in style before you know it.

Gestures serve as a quick way to communicate with other players in your game, and there are plenty to be picked up as you make your way through Dark Souls 2. If you want to make sure you've unlocked every last one of them, take a look through our comprehensive guide.

Gestures guide

Bow Default N/A
Decapitate Shaded Woods Work through all of Head of Vengarl's dialogue options
Duel Bow Cathedral of Blue Gain a Token of Fidelity, then work through all of Blue Sentinel Targray's dialogue options
Fist Pump Huntsman's Copse Work through all of Creighton the Wanderer's dialogue options
Have Mercy! Undead Crypt Talk to Grave Warden Agdayne without having a lit torch equipped
Hurrah! Forest of Fallen Giants Talk to Captain Drummond after using the Ashen Mist Heart from the Ancient Dragon
I Won't Bite Default N/A
Joy Majula Unpetrify Rosabeth of Melfia, then work through all of Benhart of Jugo's dialogue options
Mock Lost Bastille Unpetrify Straid, then work through all of his dialogue options
No way Default N/A
Praise The Sun Harvest Valley Learn by interacting with the Altar of Sunlight. You need not rank up with the covenant
Prostration Earthen Peak Talk to Laddersmith Gilligan after buying his ladder
Pumped Up Default N/A
Righty-ho! Default N/A
This One's Me Castle Drangleic Talk to Chancellor Wellager, located just inside the entrance to the region
Warcry Default N/A
Warm Up Shaded Woods Equip Ring of Whispers, then talk to Manscorpion Tark after killing Scorpioness Najka
Wave Default N/A
Welcome Majula Work through all of Crestfallen Saulden's dialogue options

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