Dark Souls 2 - Dragon Aerie, Aged Feather, Dragonfang Villard

Follow our guide to make it safely through Dragon Aerie, and grab some great new armour as you make your way through the region.

If you fancy getting your hands on some tasty new armour as you make your way through Dragon Aerie, take a look through our complete walkthrough for the region.

Dragon Aerie guide

Walk down the path and talk to the woman at the end of it to get your hands on an Aged Feature. Now walk over the bridge to your left and light the bonfire when you come to it. Carry on down the path in front of you and start making your way up the mountain, before crossing the bridge. Kill the enemy just ahead of you, then enter the nearby cave. Smash up all of the egg-like items in here to gain access to a Radiant Lifegem.

Carry on towards the end of the cave and into the clearing ahead to start a fight with a dragon. Use the same tactics we outlined in our guide to the Guardian Dragon fight. When you've killed the beast, make sure you pick up the Petrified Something, the Soul of a Brave Warrior, the Dragon Tooth, a Twinkling Titanite, a Boltstone, and a Darknight Stone.

Now head up the hill over on the opposite side from where you are and kill the crystal bug to get a Raw Stone, Petrified Dragon Bone, and a pair of Large Titanite Shards. Grab the Old Radiant Lifegem that's just ahead of you, then kill the next enemy you come to. When it's dead, carry on along the path and make your way over a pair of bridges.

Head up the mountain in front of you, then veer over to your right until you come to another clearing. There's another set of eggs here which you can smash up to get another Petrified Dragon Bone. Now go into the next area and fight a new dragon. When it's dead, grab the Large Soul of a Brave Warrior from one side of the battle area, and a Soul of a Great Hero from the other.

Go down the mountain now, destroy the next batch of dragon eggs you come to, then kill the next dragon. You'll want to do this nice and quickly, so you don't end up fighting the dragon and the inbound Invader at the same time. This newcomer uses a lot of heavy magical damage, so consider equipping anything you have to counter it. When you've finished off both enemies, loot the Soul of a Great Hero, Ring of the Evil Eye +1, Petrified Dragon Bone, Dragon Charm and Firedrake Stone.

Cross the bridge ahead of you, then slide down the rope that's on your left. Head to the top of the next area along, and climb down the ladder you come to if you want to access the bonfire. Otherwise, carry on to the next rope, slide down it, then cross the bridge once you're on the next level down. When you reach the end of this bridge, you'll enter the Dragon Shrine - keep walking forwards and light the bonfire when you reach it.

Where to find the Judgement gear

Head upstairs and kill the enemy when you reach the top, then make your way over to the far right-hand corner. Smash up all the objects here, then use a Pharros' Lockstone by the face on the floor. Just behind the hidden wall here is a coffer which contains a Mark of Judgement, a Robe of Judgement, Manchettes of Judgement, Tights of Judgement and a Staff of Wisdom.

Head further upstairs, kill the guard, then carry on up the next set of stairs you come to. Run down the path and kill the sorcerer in front of you. Make sure you grab the Faintstone from the railing, then leap across the the next platform ahead of you. Carry on to your left and loot the coffer you come to for a Drakekeeper's Greatshield and a Drakekeeper's Greataxe.

Turn all the way around now and make your way up the next flight of stairs, before heading all the way around to the left. If you drop down here, you'll gain access to a pair of chests. Give the chest on your right a good whack and then kill the enemy to get hold of a Petrified Dragon Bone and a Washing Pole. Now open the chest to your left and take the Titanite Slab.

Make your way through the doorway, and carry on down the hall until you enter a new room. Kill the enemy inside, then grab the Twilight Herb and the Skeptic's Spice from over on the far side of the room.

Head through the door into a new room, and open up the coffer to add the Third Dragon Ring to your stash. Go upstairs and then through the next door along to start a fight with a new Invader called Dragonfang Villard. When he's dead, take the Petrified Egg, then open up the coffer over in the corner to get a Watchdragon Parma. Now turn around, fall down onto the path below you, and take the Crystal Magic Weapon from the nearby coffer.

Jump down once more, kill the guard here, then walkthrough the door and go upstairs. Carry on walking through the next door you see and head upstairs. There are two guards you'll need to kill halfway up, another pair near the top, and two more at the very top. Be ready to dodge the attacks of these last two enemies, as they'll break your guard easily.

Where to find the Ashen Mist Heart

Another one of these very agile guards awaits you when you reach the next door along. When it's dead, keep walking down the hallway and into the next area. Speak to the massive dragon in front of you to get hold of the Ashen Mist Heart. This is your last task in the Dragon Shrine, and you're now ready to head to the King's Door section in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

We've got a simple guide to help you kill the Guardian Dragon in the boss fight section of our guide. For other Dark Souls 2 boss guides, check the first page of this guide.

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