Dark Souls 2 - Prowling Magus, boss details

Don't start the fight with the Prowling Magus and pals until you've read our simple guide to the tactics involved in this multi-target tussle.

The fight against the Magus isn't quite as meaty as the ones you've faced up until now, but there's still a certain challenge to be mastered. You won't just square off against the Magus, you'll also have to deal with two members of his Congregation - not to mention a pack of followers.

As you might expect, the Magus and his Congregation rely on magical damage for their damage output, so be ready to evade the incoming attacks, unless you've got a shield that can absorb 100 percent magic.

How to kill the Prowling Magus and his Congregation

First of all, make your way over to the benches on the other side of the room, killing any of the followers who are stupid enough to get in your way. You should be able to take each one of them down using no more than two solid hits, although the ones on the floor are a little fiddlier to deal with.

Those benches will provide you with a certain amount of protection from the spells being flung around in your general direction, but you must keep up the fight against the followers at all times, as they'll eventually batter through every last bench.

Don't leave yourself too exposed, and try to make sure the last follower falls around the same time as the last bench does. There's a pack of mages just itching to join this fight, and you don't want to have to deal with petty trash enemies when they show up.

"All three of these mages can actually be stunned quite easily, so you should keep whacking away at them whenever possible."

As soon as the last follower's dropped dead, turn your attention to the two Congregation members before going after the Magus himself. The Congregation don't have a huge amount of health, and so you should be able to make light work of them at this stage of the game. When the last member of the Congregation is dead, start going to work on the Magus.

All three of these mages can actually be stunned quite easily, so you should keep whacking away at them whenever possible, even if they start channelling a spell. Just keep a very close eye on the Magus himself, and back out of his range if you see him starting to charge up an aura. It only has a very small radius though, and if you can avoid this particular attack - as well as the worst of the ranged magical damage - you shouldn't find this fight too tricky to finish.

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