Dark Souls 2 - Brightstone Cove Tseldora, key, Dragon Charm, Human Effigies

Our walkthrough will help you find every bit of loot in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, and make it safely to the fight against the Prowling Magus.

When the fight against the Royal Rat Authority is over, you've got a couple of options to choose from. The bonfire will take you back to Gyrm's Respite in the Doors of Pharros. Alternatively, you can join the Rat Covenant - just go through the gap opposite where the Authority was based at the start of the fight, go to the room on your left, and then talk to the Rat King.

How to find the Brightstone Cove Tseldora

Once you've zoned back to the first bonfire, take a left and get out in the open, then go up the nearby stairs. There's an enemy standing in front of the chest to your left. Kill it, then loot the chest to add a Dragon Charm to your inventory. Now make your way past the fire until you're in a new room - there's a Lifegem waiting for you in the corner.

Go up the ramp, walk through the doorway when you reach the top, then carry on down the hall until you come to another enemy. Watch out for the axes it throws as soon as you approach, then get up in his face and kill him.

Keep walking down this corridor - killing the bug on the floor before it can scuttle off - then make your way down the hall that's on your right. Kill the enemy here, then go back and down the corridor until you come to another enemy. Finish that one off too, but just make sure you don't fall while you're fighting it.

Now go through the door and then head all the way up the stairs. There's some pottery lying around by the fountain which you should smash up so you can loot a Radiant Lifegem. Now walk through the door to find yourself in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora guide

Start making your way forward and kill the three enemies hiding inside the tent on your left. Once they're dead, keep heading left, then kill the enemy who's guarding a tasty pile of items. You'll be able to loot a Large Soul of a Proud Knight, Peasant Attire, and a few Souls of a Nameless Soldier here.

If you smash the wooden tower just in front of you, you'll also be able to add 15 Lacerating Arrows to your inventory. Even more conveniently, you can use those arrows to kill the guard who's based in the tower just up ahead.

Turn to your right and then make your way into the middle of the camp with three tents in it. Should the pigs begin fighting you, kill them all, then enter the tent that's furthest away from you. Light the bonfire inside, then smash up the pottery by the tower so you can loot a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Grab the item that's by the well and you'll also add a Titanite Shard to your bags.

Now make your way up the mountain path that starts at the other side of the camp. As soon as you reach the end of it, jump down into the well. (You can smash the wooden covering if the jump is proving difficult.) At the foot of the well, you'll be able to pick up a trio of Holy Water Urns before you begin your journey along the tunnel.

How to get more Human Effigies

When you come to the end of that passageway, climb all the way up the ladder and then open the chest at the top to get hold of five - count 'em - Human Effigies. Climb out of this cramped space using the rocks, then go over to the opposite of the camp. Head towards the ladder that you should be able to spot just over on your left.

"As soon as you get close to the ladder - and the item nestled at the bottom of it - an enemy will throw a massive rock down towards your head."

As soon as you get close to the ladder - and the item nestled at the bottom of it - an enemy will throw a massive rock down towards your head. Dodge out of the way of this aerial attack, then pick the item up to stockpile another Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

Once you've reached the top of the ladder, kill the enemy on your left, then smash up the wood that's holding the other boulder in position. Have a rummage around just behind this rock before moving on though, as you'll be able to get your mitts on another Soul of a Brave Warrior. As soon as you've picked it up, go back down the ladder, head down the path, and then kill the four enemies you encounter.

Keep making your way forward and grab the Large Titanite Shard that's on your left, just as you approach the clearing ahead. Kill the pack of enemies nearby, then go through the door they were guarding to access some subterranean tunnels.

How to handle the booby-trapped chest

Make your way through the tunnel on your left until you come to a new room. There's a chest here, and when you open it you'll see a red sphere appear. It'll spawn a huge number of spiders, so back up as quickly as you can and head back into the tunnel you were in a moment ago.

These spiders can kill you instantly if they manage to pounce on top of you, so keep backing away from the pack and just kill them one by one. If you have anything in your inventory that's capable of creating an area-of-effect attack - such as a Firebomb - now would be an extremely good time to make use of it.

If you've survived the spider attack, go back into the room and have a rummage around in the chest to pick up 20 Heavy Bolts. Now go through the opening that's on your left, then go through the door. Once you pass through the mist, you'll be thrown into a boss fight against the Prowling Magus and his Congregation.

We've got some essential Duke's Dear Freja tactics if you're struggling with the boss fight. Alternatively, head back to the first page of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough for more guides.

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