Mario vs. Donkey Kong spotted for Wii U at GDC

Just a tech demo for now, Nintendo says.

Nintendo has shown off a new Wii U version of Mario vs. Donkey Kong at GDC 2014.


But the unannounced game is just a tech demo, Nintendo told Siliconera, at least for the time being.

The game was developed to show off the Nintendo Web Framework, a development environment that supports common standards such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to ease game development for Nintendo platforms.

That said, other playable Nintendo titles which originally started life as tech demos have been turned into publicly released software - Steel Diver, for example, and New Super Mario Bros. Mii.

Nintendo has so far released five titles in the puzzle-platformer Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, including entries for Game Boy Advance, DS and 3DS.

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