Podcast S2E9: Cheaper Xbox Ones, South Park and thank yous

Which incidental details in games do you remember?

Thank you, whoever came up with the idea at Blizzard for World of Warcraft's critical hit text. The way it balloons then reduces to normal size, as you unpredictably wallop for extra damage, is unforgettable.


"It looks like a microphone," Bert thinks.

That tiny feature is an example of what Christian Donlan was on about when he wrote 'Finding someone to thank for the good stuff'. Games are made up of so many tiny moments, of so many pieces and are crafted by so many pairs of hands, yet only a fraction of people to whom those hands belong are ever really thanked for it.

So here's to unsung heroes of the critical hit text! - a topic we gush plenty about on this week's podcast, the ninth recording of Season Two.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Tom Bramwell, Oli Welsh and myself also talk about the controversial - although appealing - Xbox One price cut and Titanfall bundle, plus the out-this-week South Park game made by Obsidian. What's it actually like?

Tune in, turn on!

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