Thief (2014) - Heartbroken, Clockwork's Puzzle, Project Pendulum, unlock Working Overtime

It's easy to get lost in Clockwork's building. We'll walk you through the mazes and puzzles of this client job with a simple step-by-step guide.

Don't worry about dealing with enemies in this final heist, as all those creepy noises you can hear are perfectly harmless. You don't need to worry about sneaking around here either, although you do need to grab every last bit of loot if you want to max out your rewards.

Steal the Automaton's Heart

Thanks to the devious designs of Clockwise, it's very important that you don't press any buttons at all when you first start the mission. An errant tap or two will seriously mess up the layout of the building, making it even harder to get hold of every single piece of treasure.

First of all, just go through all of the rooms on the first floor you enter, and pick up all of the loot you can. In particular, don't miss grabbing the Baron's bust display, but do leave that button alone. Once you've finished looting the first floor, stuff your pockets with goodies from the basement and second floor. It's fine to go through any doors on these levels, but make sure you don't press any buttons you encounter.

Make use of your Focus ability to ensure you get every last piece of treasure, and don't forget to pick up Whiteridge's Duty (6/6) The Burnished Lady from the second floor bedroom. You should also grab every document you come across, as these contain critical clues for one particular puzzle you come across later on.

As soon as you've got your greedy hands on all the loot, make your way back down to the first floor and interact with the button located near the Baron's bust display. This will cause the walls in the building to shift a little, and give you even more looting opportunities.

"It's very important that you don't press any buttons at all when you first start the mission."

Again, go and explore every room that's available to you, and make sure you haven't left a single item of loot anywhere - and don't press any new buttons either. When you've looted all other areas, make your way into the eastern room, and then press the switch that's located on the northern wall of this room.

The walls will shift again, so get back out there and start pilfering everything that isn't nailed down - don't forget to use your Focus ability before leaving a room, so you can be certain you've got everything. If you use this ability on the bookcases in the rooms, you'll eventually find one that you can interact with. Pull the dodgy book to expose another switch, then press it to open up a new lootable area. Don't forget to clear out the room that's just to the south of the kitchen.

If you use your Focus ability here, you'll be able to locate a loose brick in the wall nearby. Push it, then get into the lift and ride it all the way up to the attic. Once again, hoover up all the loot you find here, and make sure you get a pair of documents while you're at it. If you push another loose brick you'll reveal Clockwise's Puzzle. It's tricky, so make sure you follow our instructions from the very first step to the last.

How to solve Project Pendulum


A single mistake can spell disaster in Clockwork's residence.

The puzzle starts with one of the bricks being highlighted. Picture this brick having the number one assigned to it, with the following bricks being numbered sequentially, all the way up to the final brick numbered 10. From the first brick, scroll forwards - never back - and push the bricks in the following sequence: 2-5-7-9-10. After you push the final brick, you'll gain access to another lift. Ride it all the way down to the basement.

You'll have to deal with a second puzzle after exiting the lift. It's called Project Pendulum, and you're going to need to use all of the documents you've stolen to solve it. To make sure you've got all the ones you need, take a look at your journal, and then view the documents you should have from participating in Ector Client Jobs. You should have the following:

  • Project Pendulum - Day 1
  • Project Pendulum - Day 6
  • Project Pendulum - Day 8
  • Project Pendulum - Day 11
  • Project Pendulum - Day 13

You'll have to make your way back through the house if you haven't got every single one of these. Assuming you've got the lot, take a look through them and take note of the symbol each one contains. If you look on the floor, you'll see matching symbols.

"If you mess up, the door you're trying to get through will close, but you can reset the puzzle by going back to the entrance."

Starting with Day 1, you need to move directly towards that floor symbol. Now move in a direct line towards the Day 6 symbol. It doesn't matter if you touch a different symbol along the way, but you must be moving directly towards the correct one. If you mess up, the door you're trying to get through will close, but you can reset the puzzle by going back to the entrance.

Once you've finished this challenge successfully, you'll be able to pick up Client Loot (8/8) - Automaton's Heart.

Escape from Clockwise's Residence

The good news is that escaping from the building is a good deal easier than exploring it. Just keep your eyes peeled for a ladder over to your east, and climb up it. Now just backtrack out of the building the same way you came in. Once you're out, you'll not only complete Heartbroken, you'll also unlock Working Overtime - the achievement/trophy reward for finishing all six of Thief's special client jobs.

If you're looking for a different client job walkthrough, head back to the first page of our guide.

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