Thief (2014) - Sideshow Attraction, escort Ysabella, kill Eelbiters, Four Combat Takedowns

We've got a very simple walkthrough to help you infiltrate the cell block, find Ysabella's cell, and then get her out of there safe and sound.

If you want to help Vittori rescue the love of his life, you're going to have to infiltrate the Watch Station, find Ysabella, and then bring her back home in one piece. We'll help you do all this with ease, and bag all of the bonus challenges at the same time.

You've got a couple of choices when it comes to starting this client job. You can enter the building via the passage that's beneath Market Street, or you can make your way inside via the loading area. You'll probably find the latter a little easier, so that's the approach our walkthrough will take. Be prepared to get violent here too, as it's the only way to bag all four of the Thieving Challenges in one attempt.

Free Ysabella

There's an Eelbiter doing his best to hack into a safe when you start this job. Before you kill him, fire one of your Blunt Arrows into a nearby wall. Doing so will distract him, earning you one point towards your Distract Four Threats challenge. You don't have to find three other guards to do this with either - just keep distracting the same Eelbiter and you'll polish off the challenge in no time.

With your 200G nicely in the bank, sneak quietly up behind the Eelbiter and nick the handful of coin purses he keeps about him, then give him a good clobbering with your Blackjack. That's one of your combat takedowns taken care of. There's no-one else to worry about in this room, so loot away at your leisure, and make sure you grab whatever you can get from the wall safe the Eelbiter was fiddling with.

Keep heading north, and pass through the door to a new area where a handful of Eelbiters are hanging around. You'll find one of them patrolling the balcony area, another trying to get a door open, and a final one hanging around the door to the north.

When the wandering Eelbiter stops nattering and heads to the other side of the balcony, shoot him in the leg with a Broadhead Arrow and then smack him on the bonce with your Blackjack. That's half of your combat takedowns finished. If you've done this cleanly, none of the others should have heard you whacking him.

Now make your way over to the west, where the second Eelbiter is trying to get the door open - keep an eye out for the broken glass on the floor as you move. Pick his pocket, then shoot him in the leg with a Broadhead Arrow. Use your Blackjack to finish off the job, and also bag yourself another takedown without being detected. If you struggled to pick his pockets before, make sure you loot his cash now he's dead.

Head through the door the Eelbiter was trying to open, and loot every last bit of treasure you can find in this new room. Once you're done stuffing your pockets, go back into the last room and then make your way into the room to your north.

"Use a Sawtooth Arrow if you lack the confidence for headshots."

You're going to have to deal with an Eelbiter and a caged bird in this room. When the guard wanders over to the wall to your west, shoot him in the leg with a Broadhead Arrow, and then sneak very carefully past the bird to hit the Eelbiter with your Blackjack. This concludes the Four Combat Takedowns challenge, and rewards you with an extra 110G.

Make sure you haven't missed any loot in this room, then head downstairs. Be aware that there are two Eelbiters chatting away on the first floor, so move very quietly. As soon as one of them goes off to patrol, sneak up behind the remaining guard, pick his pocket, and then smack him in the head. It's very important that you move the body once you've done so.


If only every target in Thief was this easy to tackle.

Now quietly sneak up behind the remaining Eelbiter and knock him to the ground. As you loot the area, make sure you pick up City Heritage Plaques (15/16) - Watch Station. You can find it up on the wall, and it's the first of two collectible items you'll find while completing this job.

As soon as you're sure you've stolen everything that isn't nailed down, make your way though the door over to the east, but watch out for the Eelbiter who's prowling around. As soon as he turns his back to you, rush up behind him quietly and take him down. If you loot this area thoroughly, you'll find the second and final collectible item: Whiteridge's Duty (5/6) - The Porcelain Lady. Now it's time to rescue Ysabella herself.

Sneak downstairs to the basement where you'll find a number of cells. You should have collected the key you need here while pillaging the office at the very top of the building. Head back up there if you didn't grab it the first time around.

When you're back in the basement, sneak into the open cell to pick up another poppy. Don't bother exploring the rest of the cells, as there's no loot to be had and you'll only disturb the Eelbiters. Instead, make your way over to Ysabella's cell on the western side, and unlock the door for her.

Escape the Watch Station with Ysabella

As soon as you do so, you'll need to start escorting her towards the basement's exit, but you've been joined by a pair of new Eelbiters. The best method we found for dealing with this unwelcome visit was to move into the position we entered the cell area through, facing the door to the east.

Shoot the Eelbiters with Broadhead Arrows as they enter the room, or use a Sawtooth Arrow if you lack the confidence for headshots and prefer to go for the body. Even if you don't manage to finish each one off in one go, you shouldn't have any trouble getting up close and finishing the job off.

With the Eelbiters dead, it's safe to continue escorting Ysabella to freedom. Get her over to the locked door to the north, pick the lock, and then head on through to finish off this client job.

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