Kingdom Come: Deliverance footage of horses wonderful horses

You hoof to see it.

Aren't horses amazing things?! Some of the best even go on to become unicorns and they do magic and can sometimes have wings and that's just mind blowing!

But they won't do that in Kingdom Come: Deliverance obviously, because it's a medieval RPG with no frilly fantasy - no wings, no horns. But. But but but. Warhorses were also awesome in real life - they could run backwards, strafe, kick to all sides. They could even jump in battle and kick everyone down. That's probably why developer Warhorse is called Warhorse.


"Hey! Check it out!"

So, horses in Deliverance will be a big deal, as they were in medieval life, both as transport and as hulking war machines to trample enemy lines.

In this video, Warhorse shows in-game footage of what riding around on a horse will be like in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and explains that horses do some things automatically, so you don't have to worry about controlling everything in the heat of battle.

And then this peasant gets knocked over and it's brilliant.

Best of all, if you whistle in the game (not a merry old tune, but a focused "come here" whistle) the horse will be summoned to you, trotting out of nowhere to your side.

Bear in mind that the animations in the demo are placeholder and not final - they'll be motion captured.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has raised double what it needed (300,000) on Kickstarter and there's still time - 13 days - to raise more. I wrote a preview about it. You should read it. Please?

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