EA launches free-to-play Dungeon Keeper for iOS, Android

An underground success?

EA's new free-to-play version of Dungeon Keeper is now available worldwide to download on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, the publisher has announced.

The game lets players build and maintain an underground lair and defend it from invaders by summoning hordes of imps, trolls and bile demons.

EA describes the app as a "twisted" take on Bullfrog's RTS classic, which launched for PC back in 1997. That version was developed back in the glory days of Peter Molyneux's former former studio.

The new edition is developed by Dark Age of Camelot studio EA Mythic and will let you play for free. In-game transactions will then charge you for more gems - packs worth 2.99 (for a "fistful") or 6.99 (for a "pile") are currently available.

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