Video: Let's Play stabbing each other in Nidhogg

En garde, Wesley and Bertie!

Nidhogg? Sounds like hedgehog! What is this odd game people are talking about?

Jolly good fun, that's what. A sword-fighting duel between two players, either offline (on the same keyboard) or online or against the AI, the idea is to run your little character through several side-scrolling screens to the finish, all while preventing the other little character from doing the same. With swords. There will be pixelated blood - great puddles of it.

Nidhogg surfaced years ago, culminating in creator Mark "Messhoff" Essen winning the 2011 Independent Games Festival grand prize. But Nidhogg wasn't quite ready - wasn't quite the nuanced fighting game that could be taken seriously at an event like EVO. So Essen tinkered and tweaked, and now, three years later, Nidhogg is ready.

En garde, Wesley Yin-Poole and Bertie - let's see what you've got!

Nidhogg is out now on Steam priced 11.99 (9.59 until 20th January).

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