Side-scrolling skater OlliOlli gets PlayStation Vita release date

2D Hawks.

Indie developer Roll7 has announced a 22nd January release date for its 2D side-scrolling skateboard title OlliOlli.

The pixel art PlayStation Vita exclusive is the studio's first handheld effort, after previously focusing on PC and mobile.

"As you may know this is our first console title so it's been a big challenge for us to get the game onto PS Vita, but one that has been well worth it (we hope you'll think so too!)," Roll7 director Tom Hegarty explained via the official EU PlayStation blog.

OlliOlli also received a boost in fortunes last year when Sony took an interest in its development and helped fund its progress.

"It's almost like an investment without any equity or strings attached," Roll7 told Eurogamer last year. "They get a bit of content for the platform, and we get that cash injection that we need. For Sony, I think it's definitely going to work - we feel loyal to the brand and to the platform, and we've spoken to a lot of people who feel the same way."

The game will contain four modes, such as Career, encompassing 50 crafted levels that increase in difficulty, and Spots, where you must use unlocked levels to craft ridiculous combos.

Daily Grind will offer you just one attempt to make your mark on the game's global leaderboards, while RAD Mode forces you to perform perfect landings and grinds.

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