Free Ryse update adds two new level events

Are you a Gladiator?

A free update for Xbox One exclusive Ryse has been released that adds two new level events.

Slaying barbarians in the arena will apparently cause the events to randomly occur across a variety of maps. In one, an enemy turret will appear and bombard you with arrows until you destroy it.

In the other, Reward Statues of Roman deities will sprout from the sands and offer one-time buff bonuses to your health or focus attributes. That's sandy.

A paid piece of downloadable content has arrived, too. The Colosseum Pack, $3.99, adds two new arenas and two new player skins. The arenas are Henge, conquering an ancient forest shrine, and Ascension, fighting out of Hades' lair.


"Hi! We're the real Gladiators!"

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