APB Retribution is a top-down tactical shooter spin-off for iOS

By Blazing Griffin.

Remember APB, the once dead action MMO developed by defunct studio Realtime Worlds? Now it has an iOS spin-off.

APB Retribution is a top-down tactical shooter set in the APB universe, and, going by the trailer below, it has a whiff of Hotline Miami about it.

It's the work of UK developer Blazing Griffin, which launched the ill-fated The Ship 2 Kickstarter last year.

Since earlier this year, Blazing Griffin has been co-developing APB Retribution alongside Reloaded Productions, the company that bought the rights to APB from Realtime Worlds during the latter's well-publicised collapse. APB was then turned free-to-play and renamed APB Reloaded.

As for Retribution, it features a single-player campaign set in the backstreets of San Paro, loads of weapons and equipment.

According to the official blurb: "Seeking bloody vengeance against Old Harry, the Horca leader who left you for dead, you must navigate through a complete single-player story - complemented with hand painted levels - where every step you take is a sheer fight for survival."

There's no release date yet, but expect it to launch soon.

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