Jimmy Fallon shows off the Xbox One

Will Forte is not amused.

Last week late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon showed off the PS4 app, The Playroom, ahead of the console's North American launch and now he's following suit with the Xbox One.

Being that this is a family show at 12:35 a.m., it would appear that Fallon can't show off Ryse: Son of Rome or Dead Rising 3, so he does the next best thing and shows off Forza Motorsport 5 and Kinect Sports Rivals.

Joined by Saturday Night Live actor Will Forte and Microsoft PR manager Blain Howard, we see Fallon get his likeness scanned by Kinect to create an approximation of the entertainer in cartoon form. It doesn't necessarily resemble him that much, but does suggest he'd look cooler with a beard. Then Fallon and Forte race on jetskis using hand motions to simulate pumping the gas on the handles.

Fallon tries to maintain enthusiasm for the racing mini-game, but Forte can't seem to muster even the slightest hint of excitement, unlike last week's guest, Ice-T, who seemed positively thrilled about kicking virtual robots.

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