Video: The lowdown on State of Decay: Breakdown

Ian explains it all over some exclusive new footage.

One of this year's sleeper hits has been Undead Labs' wonderfully free-form zombie survival adventure State of Decay, which released back in June on Xbox Live Arcade and more recently on Steam. If you haven't already, you must check it out: "a vivid, meaningful world in which player-driven stories arise with delightful frequency," wrote Simon in our review.

State of Decay's first expansion, Breakdown, launches on both Steam and XBLA on 29th November for $6.99 or whatever that translates to in your local barter system. It's a fan-pleasing update which strips out the story and ramps up the difficulty, allowing you to move through a sequence of ever-tougher "valleys", or game worlds. Ian's got the latest details from Undead Labs, which he explains over some juicy new footage of the expansion in the video below. Watch!

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