No plans for Killzone Shadow Fall 3D support

Not "currently", anyway.

Guerrilla Games has said there are currently no plans to add 3D support to PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall.

The shooter, Sony's flagship title for its new console, currently lacks any form of stereoscopic 3D functionality - despite the feature being present in PlayStation 3 predecessor Killzone 3. Knack, Sony's other first-party launch game, also arrived in 2D.

"We currently don't have any plans for 3D support, but I'll pass your request along to the team," Guerrilla wrote on Twitter.

PlayStation 4 is perfectly capable of supporting 3D play - although 3D Blu-ray playback is currently unavailable.

The only PS4 launch title to include 3D gameplay is indie platformer Trine 2, developed by Frozenbyte.

Sony has previously been a firm supporter of 3D technology, and has released numerous 3D monitors and TVs as well as movies and games.

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