Original Wasteland released on Steam and GOG

War never changes.


War never changes.

The original Wasteland has been released on Steam for 4.49 and for $5.99. All backers of Wasteland 2 get a copy of Wasteland 1 for free.

The post-apocalyptic role-playing game returns over 20 years after it first released, courtesy of InXile Entertainment, the developer of the successfully crowd-funded Wasteland 2.

Wasteland, which launched in 1988, spawned the Fallout series and won plaudits for its open-world design. You play a desert ranger born from the remnants of a US Army detachment who survived the nuclear holocaust.

InXile has enhanced the original so it runs on modern PCs with higher resolutions. It includes a music track from Wasteland 2 composer Mark Morgan, integrated texts from the paragraph book and manual and additional save game functionality. Optional overhauls include uprezzed portraits, paragraph voice-over and a choice of playing the game upscaled, smoothed or in the original resolution.

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