First Next Car Game gameplay video released

Kickstarter touch and go.

FlatOut and Ridge Racer: Unbounded developer Bugbear Entertainment has released the first gameplay video of its appropriately-titled Next Car Game.

The video, below, shows a chap using a steering wheel and pedals to play Next Car Game on a dirt track. Try not to stare at his socks.

"Please note that the game is still very much work-in-progress, and what you see is not representative of the final quality," Bugbear said.

"For example the track has not been properly decorated yet, and there's a lot of additional polish that's going to be done on it. Also, the player car damage has been disabled for the demonstration purposes."

Bugbear's Kickstarter campaign for Next Car Game is touch and go. At the time of publication $67,427 had been raised towards the $350,000 goal off of just over 2000 backers. 17 days remain. If the game is funded, it'll launch in May next year.

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