CCP announces Eve Online: Rubicon

The MMO's 20th free expansion.


CCP has announced Eve Online: Rubicon, the 10-year-old MMO's 20th free expansion.

It's due out on 19th November.

It follows the last expansion, Odyssey, adding new exploration content and a new line of faction ships that CCP said were perfect for navigating and infiltrating the 8000 solar systems that make up the Eve universe.

There's a focus on individual and small fleet activity, with new quick-strike options. Also added is a new set of mobile, player-owned structures that have been created to support action outside of the safety of the hangar. These structures are meant for both solo and group use.

The Marauder, Electronic Attack Frigate, Interceptor and Interdictor class hulls have been rebalanced. For novice players, new certificate and ship identification systems have been added to help ease them into the game.  

There's more over at the Eve Online: Rubicon website.

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