Sean Bean narrates a Train Simulator advert

One does not simply gawp.


Ned Stark, Boromir, Sharpe, Martin Septim - Sean Bean's done it all. And now he's voiced a Train Simulator 2014 advert.

Winter can come all it likes: Sean Bean has nothing left to achieve.

"They take you for granted, the travelling hordes," he tells us as the footage of people heading through ticket barriers and onto their trains begins. "To them, you're just crowded and dirty. Functional. A means to an end."

"'Signal failure!' they grumble. 'Looks like I'll be late again.'

"Their lives move too fast to stop and look, to sit back and enjoy the view. It all flies past in a blur; feet up, head down, headphones on. You rumble by unseen, station to station, day by day.

"They look, but they don't really see; the unappreciated backbone of a nation."

Do you - do you see?

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