See how The Elder Scrolls Online has changed for the better

Bethesda's MMO has changed since we last saw it - and it's looking good.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an interesting one - an ambitious and gargantuan new MMO, it has perhaps underwhelmed a little when shown before, a victim of the grandiose expectations that fans of the Elder Scrolls series have off the back of a run of outstanding games over the last ten years. Zenimax Online's epic has looked competent, good, even, but it's lacked the spark that people expect from Bethesda's universe.

But now that spark's back, it seems. After the introduction of a first person perspective plus a slight visual overhaul, The Elder Scrolls Online is beginning to look worthy of its heritage, and starting to work towards justifying the 8.99 a month it'll be looking to charge when it comes out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One next Spring. You can have a look at it all below in a video Ian Higton put together that features new details and a peek inside Zenimax Online's new world.

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