See Ubisoft's dazzling Valiant Hearts in action

Year of the dog?

Ubisoft's pushing all the right buttons when it comes to its digital releases, and on top of the wonderful looking Child of Light it revealed another imaginative new game earlier this week in the shape of Valiant Hearts. Harking back to the harrowing backdrop of the Great War, it tells the stories of numerous soldiers as they work their way through the hell of trench warfare.

It was shown off for the first time at Ubisoft's Digital Days event in Paris, and Ian sat down to talk to Ubisoft Montpellier's Adrian Lacey about Valiant Hearts, and he also managed to grab some footage of the game in action. Let's not forget either that there's a dog in Valiant Hearts, in what's turning into something of a trend. Can he beat Colin to the be the true digital canine in our hearts?

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