Audio adventure Three Monkeys is a PC RPG for the visually impaired community

No visuals.

New UK studio Incus Games has announced Three Monkeys, an audio adventure PC RPG designed for the visually impaired community.

Three Monkeys doesn't have visuals. Instead, binaural audio techniques, which have been created in consultation with a member of the Royal London Society for Blind People, are used to create gameplay. You play Tobar, a blind hero, who must save the Romani-inspired world of Byzantia.

Because Three Monkeys doesn't have visuals, Incus Games wasn't able to create an announcement trailer in the traditional sense. Instead, have a listen to the monologue, above, from one of the main characters Yoska. Use headphones if you can.

Three Monkeys will be playable for the first time at Eurogamer Expo later this month.

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