Let's Play Shelter

Get sett! Live from 5pm BST today.

Badgers! Once, when I was young and riding in a taxi with my mum through some countryside, we ran over a badger. Shocked by the impact (badgers make quite some noise when they travel under a black cab) we stopped, and my mum politely asked the driver to back over the badger to make sure it was properly finished off. It was probably an act of kind humanity, but I've had and remain to have my suspicions.

So I'm not too sure about playing Shelter, a deceptively gentle game in which you play as a mother badger escorting your children through the wilds. I worry that maybe my mum's the final boss.

I probably should get over that, though, as Shelter sounds like something worthwhile - Simon marvelled at it earlier this week, even if he did admit when submitting the review that this badger game had broken him. I'm going to keep an eye when Ian Higton streams it later on, too, just to make sure there are no speeding taxis thundering down Shelter's roads. He's going to be playing it from 5pm BST, and you can watch it live here.

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