Xbox One dashboard demoed in video leak

Instant game loading, switching shown off.

Xbox One's dashboard interface and game switching features have been shown off in a new video, posted by someone in possession of the unreleased console.

The video - orginally posted to YouTube but since removed and reposted elsewhere - begins with its unidentified author holding an Xbox One controller before turning the camera on himself briefly.

"There's a lot of beta games but we can't really access them right now," he says. "But I've been playing a lot of Ryse."

He is then able to browse the dashboard and then boot a beta of Crytek's hack-and-slash launch title.

Clicking Ryse's icon on the dashboard takes the user directly to the game with no loading whatsoever - presumably it had already been paused in the background.

Pressing the Home button while in-game then minimises the action to a panel on the dashboard, where the user is able to browse and view other apps with the game still in action.

The Xbox One shown looks like a retail model, rather than any form of earlier debug unit. How the user came to be in possession of the hardware is unexplained.

We've asked Microsoft for comment on the matter.

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