Sony unveils 1300 HMZ-T3 personal viewer headset

Connect to a mobile device for an on-the-go experience.


Got 1300 spare?

Sony has unveiled the third generation of its HMZ personal viewer headset tech, the T3.

The HMZ-T3, which contains two 720p OLED displays for 2D and stereoscopic 3D content, accepts wireless 60GHz HD transmissions. The lithium battery holds a three-hour charge when used with a wireless HD connection, and seven hours with an HDMI connection.

You can even connect the T3 to a mobile device for on-the-go film watching.

As with previous versions of the HMZ, the T3 works with PCs and PlayStation 3 for gaming. However, the HMZ range is separate to the PlayStation 4 compatible virtual reality headset Sony Computer Entertainment has in the works.

The HMZ-T3 costs an incredible 1300 in the UK, where it goes on sale in a few weeks. Feeling flush?

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